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Why join a nonprofit board?

You get a valuable seat behind the wheel of the Cougar organization, and you play a key role in strategizing!

When you serve on the board, you have the honor, challenge, and responsibility of understanding how everything needs to work together for an organization to accomplish its goals.

The Camarillo Cougar Executive Board works to bring about improved communication and cooperation between coaches, parents, players and the GCYFL. The main objective of this organization is to promote the welfare of our players and to provide support for the chapter.

Please review the Camarillo Cougar Executive Board descriptions. These positions are voting members.

Camarillo Cougar Executive Board

President: Presides at all meetings of the organization and the Executive Board. He/she is responsible to have a representative at all GCYFL Board meetings.

Vice-President: The Vice-President shall act as aide to the President. He/she shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence. The VP handles all aspects of registration and keeps the official Chapter Registration spreadsheet.

Secretary: Keeps accurate written records of all meetings of the organization and of the Executive Board meetings.

Treasurer: Receives all monies for the organization and pays out sums authorized by the Executive Board. Presents a statement of   accounts at all meetings and submits a detailed quarterly Expense/Income statement, helps propose a budget and prepares IRS returns. Oversee purchase and renewal of chapter and Board insurance

Athletic Director: Oversees head coaches and coaching staffs, responsible for coach’s background checks, player selection/Draft, GCYFL certifications, CPR Certifications, training, new coach mentoring, enforcement of the Cougar’s coaches contract, GCYFL rules and Code of Ethics. The AD is also responsible for team practice location assignments on the practice field(s).

Equipment/Facilities Director: Oversees equipment reconditioning, equipment maintenance, inventory, new equipment ordering, game and practice jersey orders, coach’s bags, footballs and kicking tees. Responsible to keep equipment shed clean, organized and secure. Reserves field space at Somis School, Los Colinas Middle School (PVSD) and Rio Mesa High (Oxnard USD). Handles responsibilities of Equipment Manager and Fields Manager should they not be filed.

Communications Director: Oversees all chapter communication to player, parents and community. Publicity Manager works under CD’s direction fills in for those positions should they not be filled.

Parent Liason: Works with Secretary to oversee Team Mom/Manager, Cheer Mom/Manager and Player Manager. Advocate to GCYFL for chapter player incidents.  They work to resolve any parent, player or coaching disputes including proper playing time.  They work to ensure all parents and players are treated properly and remain will informed.

Fundraising Director: Oversees all fundraising activities for chapter. Fundraising Manager, Snack Bar Manager and Merchandise/Awards Manager and fills in for those positions should they not be filled.

Cheer Director: Oversees the Cheer Program and works with the Cheer Manager, may fill in for manager should the position not be filled.

Cheerleader Manager: Orders cheer equipment which includes uniforms, cheer boxes, etc.  Acts as the liaison to resolve conflicts between parents helps to organize cheer moms, squad leaders, practices, etc. Updates and make reports to the Cheer Director.

Cheer Fundraiser: Oversees all fundraising activities for cheer. Coordinates banquet, merchandise and awards. Reports monthly on fundraising expenses and income.  Coordinates with Executive Board Treasurer in the collection of any cheer funds as needed.

Member At Large: Handle specific assignments that are assigned to them by the Chapter President or Executive Board. There are a total of two positions available.

Please review the Camarillo Cougar board manager descriptions. These positions are non-voting members.

Board Managers work in conjunction with Executive Board to run a successful chapter. They report to the board member in charge of their function. If manager positions are not filled those duties shall be assumed by the Executive Board in charge of that function.

Equipment Manager: Assists with orders and organizes distribution of all player equipment, which includes helmets, pads, uniforms, decals, etc.  Assists with orders and distributes coach’s equipment such as bags, balls, tees, first aid kits, tools, etc.  Assists with orders and maintains all chapter equipment such as equipment shed, blocking bags, etc. Updates and make reports to the Equipment/Facilities Director. (Grooming for Director Position)

Fields Manager: Secures practice and game field locations. Handles issues with field upkeep, including lighting and maintenance reports.  Assigns field commissioners for home games, and handles training of those individuals.  Updates and make reports to the Athletic Director.

Publicity Manager: They are in charge of advertising, which includes registration in newspapers banners etc.  They are also responsible for getting scores to the GCYFL and local newspaper.  Handles all website upkeep, email and phone responses. Updates and make reports to the Communication Director.

Registration Manager: Schedules date, time, and location of registration. Organizes workers for registration and provides all forms necessary. Updates and make reports to the Vice President and or Secretary.

Team Parent Manager: Organizes trains and communicates all pertinent information to the team parent. Works with the Parent Liaison to improve communication between the coaches and parents.  Updates and make reports to the Secretary.

Player Manager: Organizes player certification, which includes Certification Books. Distributes physical forms to team parent. Organizes conditioning camp. Updates and make reports to the Secretary. 

Fundraising Manager: Handles all aspects of fundraising.  Handles all aspects of sponsorships, which includes securing donations, collecting logos and relaying information to the yearbook coordinator.  Orders and places sponsor logos and banners. Updates and make reports to the Fundraising Director.

Snack bar Manager: handles all items that pertain to the snack bar which include logistics, food items, workers and setting prices. Updates and make reports to the Fundraising Director.

Merchandise/Awards Manager: Handles all issues that pertain to merchandise, which includes ordering, organizing sales, and bookkeeping of cougar wear. Also, work with Team Parent Manager and Coach Manager to order gear bags, coach’s shirts and player names on jerseys. Handles all duties that involve awards, which include participation trophies, academic awards, cougar awards, etc.  Updates and make reports to the Vice President.