2018 Impact Report


Our mission is to encourage every single young adult we coach to accomplish their best. Everyday we put our young people’s goals at the forefront of our decisions in how we build our organization to withstand the test of time.

The Camarillo Cougars Board of Directors are 100% Volunteers. That means that 100% of registration, fundraising and donated dollars go directly into every single one of our athletes. Board members do not receive discounted registration or additional financial benefits for volunteering. That is a conscious decision to ensure at the heart of every decision, our young athletes are put first. As a Board we truly make every effort to ensure that being an athlete with the Camarillo Cougars is a fun, educational and a positive life-changing experience for each athlete.


2018 Results

2018 was a very strong year for the Camarillo Cougars. We had 195 athletes between football and cheerleading. As an organization we are very cognizant of the impact that any pricing increase can create for our families. This is why we strive to maintain a slight surplus each year to ensure when costs increase, for example field usage or equipment costs, those are not passed along to each family.

Registration alone does not cover the entire cost of being an athlete with the Camarillo Cougars. To generate the additional capital needed we have fundraisers throughout the year as well as corporate sponsors & donors who support the Camarillo Cougars. This helps the organization generate the necessary surplus. When we have a higher than expected surplus, we look to reinvest that back into the organization in ways that will benefit the program for the next 5-10 years.

2018 was one of those years. We provided financial assistance to 13 athletes who would have otherwise not participated in our athletics program. The Board of Directors moved to purchase over 180 brand new shoulder pads, new helmets, additional coaches equipment and game day equipment. The remaining surplus that is saved helps this generation of Camarillo Cougars secure the future of the next generation of Camarillo Cougars. 


2018 Financials

Total Revenues: $151,721

Total Expenditures: $146,175

Total cost per Athlete: $749

Organization Surplus: $5,546

Surplus Investment: New Shoulder Pads, New Helmets, Coaches Equipment, Practice Jerseys


Camarillo Cougars 2018 Expenses


We appreciate every single parent entrusting their child’s future with the Camarillo Cougars. We will always put your child’s best interest at heart in any decision we make for the organization as the Board of Directors. If you are interested in joining the Board and making an impact in 2020 email: president@camarillocougars.com to learn more.